New official RTX gameplay trailer released for Control, showcasing its real-time ray tracing effects

NVIDIA has released a brand new official RTX gameplay trailer for Remedy’s supernatural title, Control, showcasing its real-time ray tracing effects. Remedy will be using real-time ray tracing for reflections, contact shadows, diffuse global illumination and transparent reflections, making Control one of the best showcases of the RTX tech.

Control is powered by the Northlight Engine and will be also using a new physics engine. Remedy will take advantage of PhysX in order to enhance the game’s interactivity and overall destruction. As such, players will be able to interact with numerous objects and cause havok.

Two days ago, Remedy revealed the game’s official PC requirements which were quite high. The team recommends an NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080Ti or an AMD Radeon VII for its non-RTX version, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080 for enabling the real-time ray tracing effects.

Control releases on August 27th and we are really looking forward to. After all, we still consider Quantum Break one of the most advanced games on the PC so we are curious to see whether Remedy has improved the visuals and the performance that its Northlight Engine can deliver.

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