Red Dead Redemption on PC with PS3 Emulator RPCS3 seems to work

Looks like the programmers from

managed to developed their PS3 Console Emulator far enough to finally play very wanted exclusive Console-Games like Red Dead Redemption. Because PS3 apparently use some wicked DVD-Format i am not sure if and how ~ Spam ~ PS3 copies are actually usable on PC but if that is possible i hope we see some instructions and guides from People who are more familiar with PS3 copies. I bet many People (here) without Consoles would love to finally play the famous Red Dead Redemption Game the contend industry used to enforce people to buy one of their crippled and fully DRM-secured fake computers (consoles) they also sell. Ingame video from 2 weeks ago looks like this Emulator really does it: 

Recently improved graphix: 

Many more impressively working game titel videos on the youtube page of RPCS3: Code: Select all

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