Shadowrun Returns Cheats

Toggle Debug Mode

Press Alt+F1 or Control+F1 or Alt+~ or Control+~ to activate debug mode. F1 by itself no longer works.
addKarma <x>Add <x> amount of karma to current player
addAP <x>Add AP <x> amount
suicideCauses the active player to die
endturnEnd the turn of team
toggleGodModeGives superspeed, can't be shot, higher damage
slaughter <x>Kills all enemies in a circle with radius <x>
deathrayKills all visible enemies
toggleNeverMissMakes every action have 100% to hit
refreshHiringRegenerates random selection of hirelings
restoreAPRestores AP
setHP <x>Set HP <x> amount
stunrayStuns all visible enemies

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